I get it 5 Times a Day

I get it 5 times a day is a homoursly ironic performance of a clich├ęd seduction. The viewer is directly addressed with playful eye contact and flirtatious body language, such that they can’t help but believe this flattery is for them. Suddenly they become implicated within the frame of image as the luscious red fruit is dangled in front of them. The nature of the gaze becomes unstable as the screen seems to flicker between a translucent and reflective surface The distortion of the pictorial space has a disorientating effect, so that the erotic pleasure offered to the viewer is challenged by the frustration of the urge to decipher the viewing apparatus. The uncomfortable pleasures of I get it 5 times a day are an inquiry into self-gratification in the image, in an increasingly mediated culture.