Workshop at Mobius Boston 14th of August, 2013

A really productive peer workshop at Mobius in the lead up to Supersaturated. Participants: Sandy Huckleberry Mari Novotny Jones Joanne Rice El Putnum Eleanor Lawler and Katherine Nolan

Performing Porn (after the computer Became Boring) 12 & 13 March 2013

My performance of 'Peep Hole' as part of PERFORMING PORN (after the computer became boring), with an impromptu cameo by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens!  The event took place at ] performance s p a c e [ and was curated by Dani Ploeger and Sarah Harman=Full Programme=


 Images by Wes Brandli

  • ]performance s p a c e [ 6 Hamlet Industrial Estate, White Post Lane, London E9 5EN
  • An event with/about performance art and sex
    ]performance s p a c e [ London, 12 & 13 July 2013

    confirmed artists/speakers
    Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens
    Sophia Disgrace
    Sharif Mowlabocus
    Zahra Stardust & Dani Ploeger

    Katherine Nolan

    =Full Programme=

    PERFORMING PORN (after the computer became boring) is concerned with the intersections of performance art and pornography, in the context of changing experiences of everyday technologies.

    Performance art and pornography have been interrelated in a variety of intricate ways, particularly since the emergence of body-based performance art practices in the 1960s. Whereas feminist work in the 60s and 70s at times explicitly opposed pornography for its problematic gender politics, from the 1980s pornographers such as Annie Sprinkle have produced work that ventures beyond normative gender stereotypes and aesthetic clich├ęs, and blurs the boundaries between performance art and sex work. The arrival of Web 2.0, which enables Internet users to generate and disseminate their own content, has opened new possibilities for performance artists, sex workers, and artist-sex workers. Now, it has become possible to broadcast work widely with limited means and without the need to conform to the norms of the porn, entertainment and art industries.

    However, this apparent democratization of performance documentation and dissemination has problematic aspects as well. Apart from a tendency to re-inscribe the norms of mainstream content in user-led production, the universal accessibility and hyperlinking of user-generated content has arguably contributed to the pornification of the perception of body-based performance art in online platforms such as Vimeo and Youtube. The popularity of ‘amateur’ or ‘unedited’ footage has also given rise to a range of simulations of such content, thus further blurring experiences and understandings of authenticity. And since digital porn is now accessible everywhere at anytime in the western world, it has arguably lost some of its thrill: the computer has become boring. Can body-based performance art practices offer a response?

    PERFORMING PORN (after the computer became boring) is organized by Dani Ploeger, in collaboration with Sarah Harman, ]performance s p a c e [, CUNTemporary, and the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at Brunel University.

Performance Night at the Back Loft, 26th May 2013



Images by Wes Brandli

Desire Lines Documentation


DESIRE LINES, was a live performance event curated by Claire Behan as part of Edges and Margins exhibition. Held in the public space of the The Peoples Park, Dun Laoghaire on a very wet and cold march day. It was a pleasure taking part along with 3 great live artists Eleanor Lawler, Catheriner Barraghy and Katherine Atkinson.

Images: Nicole Pringle