Collaboration with Lili Spain - Street Live Sept 26th 2014

Collaboration with Lili Spain as part of Street Live

As part of StreetLive International artists were coupled with local Dublin artists, and worked together in pairs to create unique live art responses to various localities within Dublin city which were showcased during Dublin Live Art Festival 2014

I had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Lili Spain, working in the Arbour Hill area of Dublin 7. The performance took the form of a ritual walk from Montpelier Gardens to a vigil in Ostman Place. The result was a very personal performance, with both of us with differing family links and relationships to the area.  

StreetLive collaborations aimed not only to create links between each pair of artists but also between the these artists and their chosen local community. Embedded through site and local knowledge, these performances aimed to offer people and groups from within these Dublin communities, an opportunity to experience live performance art in a new and more involved way.  

With Many thanks to Lili for the Collaboration and Aoife Giles for the sensitive documentation.


Image credit: Aoife Giles 

Art Lot Dublin - 26th September 2014

Performance at the Art Lot Dublin

The Art lot is an outdoor exhibition space, a project that seeks to transform a derelict site at the junction of Harcourt Street and South Richmond Street. 

This piece was performed on a Friday 5-6pm as workers walked home, after the week's worth of 9-5. This piece was part of Dublin Live Art Festival at the Art Lot

Image credit: Francis Fay

I am Breathing - Live Stock at Dublin Live art Festival 25th Sept 2014

25/09 Livestock @DLAF14

Performance as part of Live Stock at the MART Rathmines, Dublin

Image Credit: Fiona Kileen

With an ethos that encourages experimentation and affords a platform for new live artists to showcase work in supportive and non critical environment, Livestock has helped produce some of Irelands best established and upcoming artists. This element of experimentation and cross discipline fertilisation has meant they have established a loyal audience following who delight in the knowledge that each Livestock show promises something new, something 
fresh and maybe even something you've never seen before. 

LIVESTOCK is a bi monthly artist-led event conceived to support, encourage and promote artists to present experimental and performance-based work in front of a live audience. LIVESTOCK was formed in 2009 and is an initiative of artists based at The Market Studios, Dublin. Performers are encouraged from any discipline and experience level, to present new ideas to a live audience, or re-present old work in a new context. 

This informal event incorporates performance art, song, dance and sound based work, the emphasis being on cross discipline professional development in performance through a casual, sympathetic and experimental setting. Over the past four years, LIVESTOCK has nurtured an ever growing and appreciative audience, believing performance to be an art form that can be experienced by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

The Livestock artists are:

Ciarán O'Keefe
Patricia Melo
Conor O'Grady
Fathers of Western Thought
Sally O'Dowd
Áine O'Hara
David J Magee
Terry Erraught
Dr. Katherine Nolan
Catherine Barragry
Leona Cully (Writing)

Performances at The Quarry, Massachusetts, August 2013: Embedded and Reclaimed

Seeking to disrupt normative codifications of the body and its experiences,  and in particular the gendering of the body through relationships with objects and technology. How can the gendered body show its experiences? How can we move beyond prescribed identifications, and towards empathy with the flesh? How can we make strange the language of being in and representing the body? This work seeks to explore such questions, in a site responsive performance at the Quarry in Acton, Massachusetts.  Intervening in a masculinised site signifying, strength, progress and dominance over nature, through acts of wilfulness and resistance emphasising experiences a female body through material interactions.

With many thanks to Yin and Viktor at  Contemporary Arts International for their warm hospitality. 

Performance with Eleanor Lawler, Market Studios, Dublin 8th Nov 2013

Images: Matthew Nevin

Improvised performance with Eleanor Lawler exploring physicality, bodily presence and intersubjectivity, using strategies mirror, yield, response and resistance. 

Performance with Eleanor Lawler, The MART, Dublin. 6th Sept 2013

Continuing on from investigations in Boston and New York, this performance in collaboration with Eleanor Lawler marked the inaugural performance event at MART's new home in the firestation in Rathmines, Dublin. Furthering our explorations on tensions between the experiential body and the spectacular body, this performance focused on the heightened presence of the physicality of body through interaction. An improvisational performance in which manifested the physical properties of body, space and sounds through strategies of response and resistance to stimulus.

Katbot 900 @ The MART opening 4th Sept, 2013

Images by Aoife Giles

Supersaturated @ Panoply Performance Lab, New York, 1st Sept 2013

ImagesMiao Jiaxin

The second iteration of Super-Saturated with Eleanor Lawler @ Panoply Performance Lab, New York.  A durational, improvised performance exploring the relationship between body as flesh and body as image, object as 'thing' and object as symbol. Many thanks for Esther Neff and Brian McCorkle for being such amazing hosts. Thanks also to Miao Jiaxin and Daniel McKleinfeld for the fantastic documentation

Supersaturated @ Mobius 23 & 24 August 2013

Performance of Supersaturated in collaboration with Eleanor Lawler @ Mobius Boston

Super-saturated: A durational performance that seeks to explore the relationship between body as flesh and body as image in the context of media overload that arises through the digital: testing the boundaries between spectator and performing body through sensorial, evocative actions and phrases.

Fish, flesh, blanket, stiletto, stocking, splashing, splatting.

Lawler and Nolan’s performances diverge and interweave as they spill, smack, stink, slice, stretch, envelope and slide their way around themes of impurity and the sexualized body.  The interaction of the body with everyday objects, explored to the point of ‘overload’ through repetition make them heavy with cultural meaning.  The works seek to push the objects till they slip between ‘thing’ and ‘symbol’, in turn pushing and pulling the body between a visceral presence in the world and distanced performance.

Mobius has presented the work of thousands of artists over its 30-year history and is recognized as one of the seminal alternative performance spaces in the U.S. Founded by the renowned performance artist and professor of performance art at the Museum School, Marylin Ansem in 1977, it is key hub for international live art. As a non-profit, artist-run organization, its mission is to generate, shape and test experimental art. The members of the organization believe an effective strategy for supporting this art is to establish grounds that build relationships among fellow artists.

Super-saturated @Panoply New York 1st of Sept

contact: katherine nolan/eleanor lawler 1 (617)987-5843
twitter: #supersaturated

Irish Artists Katherine Nolan and Eleanor Lawler perform their way from Boston to New York.  Part touring program, part public disruption and part lurch into the unknown. These artists will undertake durational live art performances, public interventions and secret actions as they travel.

The project Super-SATURATED seeks to explore the relationship between body as flesh and body as image. Testing the boundaries between audience and performing body in the context of media overload that arises through the digital. The interaction of the body with everyday objects, and scenes, will be explored through actions to the point of ‘overload’. Inserting themselves in the various contexts within and between these cities, they hope to ‘get inside’ and beyond images of American culture, and in turn push and pull their bodies between a visceral presence in the world and distanced performance.

They may or may not be seen in such locations as: Mobius Inc, The Quarry and Jamaica Plain, Boston; Panoply Performance Lab and Times Square, New York.

You can follow their escapades via or twitter #supersaturated

event details

55 Norfolk St, Boston, MA
August. 23rd & 24th @7pm
Suggested donation $10
Katherine Nolan & Eleanor Lawler join Mobius artists, Mari Novotny-Jones, Joanne Rice and Sandy Huckleberry in two evenings of provocative performance.

104 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, NY Sept 1st @ 8.15pm
A duo of durational performances by Katherine Nolan and Eleanor Lawler following Performance Art Open Space.