Empathy with the Flesh at Dublin City University 1-3 Sept 2015

I will be showing a 4 channel video installation at Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities Conference at Dublin CIty University

Borrowing from ‘youtube tutorials’ and other viewer generated content, these video works seem to take the format of instructional videos -  instead offering material-related, ‘pointless’ sensory experiences. The work refers to compulsive viewing, that like ‘peeling a scab’ might elicit visceral experiences of disgust, satisfaction or relief. Employing affect, visual pleasure and displeasure the work aims to raise questions around how and why we invest our time, emotion and attention in the digital age.

The referenced format of user generated content has more recently been co-opted for advertising purposes, particularly aimed towards children - for instance the highest youtube earner of 2014 reportedly earned $5million ‘just by opening toy packages’. This video installation aims to raise questions such as how are our experiences constructed through the type of imagery produced in hyper-mediatised late-capitalism? Is authentic expression/identification possible in this context, or are our emotions constantly co-opted in the digital economy?