Super-saturated @Panoply New York 1st of Sept

contact: katherine nolan/eleanor lawler 1 (617)987-5843
twitter: #supersaturated

Irish Artists Katherine Nolan and Eleanor Lawler perform their way from Boston to New York.  Part touring program, part public disruption and part lurch into the unknown. These artists will undertake durational live art performances, public interventions and secret actions as they travel.

The project Super-SATURATED seeks to explore the relationship between body as flesh and body as image. Testing the boundaries between audience and performing body in the context of media overload that arises through the digital. The interaction of the body with everyday objects, and scenes, will be explored through actions to the point of ‘overload’. Inserting themselves in the various contexts within and between these cities, they hope to ‘get inside’ and beyond images of American culture, and in turn push and pull their bodies between a visceral presence in the world and distanced performance.

They may or may not be seen in such locations as: Mobius Inc, The Quarry and Jamaica Plain, Boston; Panoply Performance Lab and Times Square, New York.

You can follow their escapades via or twitter #supersaturated

event details

55 Norfolk St, Boston, MA
August. 23rd & 24th @7pm
Suggested donation $10
Katherine Nolan & Eleanor Lawler join Mobius artists, Mari Novotny-Jones, Joanne Rice and Sandy Huckleberry in two evenings of provocative performance.

104 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, NY Sept 1st @ 8.15pm
A duo of durational performances by Katherine Nolan and Eleanor Lawler following Performance Art Open Space.