Trans West : Collaboration with Joan Healy

Documentation of work performed in collaboration with Joan Healy at the Molesworth Gallery, Dublin. Also preformed at Live Stock
in Market Studios, Dublin July 2010, and perhaps further mash-ups to come....

In a further interrogation of the nature of objectivity, Trans West is a collaboration with artist Joan Healy in which the body of the performance artist(s) is interrogated as artwork.

This collision of the two practices pushes and pulls understandings of what constitutes the artwork in performance. As two independently acting bodies intersect, authorship and art object are entangled in the intersubjective exchange. Processes of objectification are opened out as the body presses against the material object, and the material presses against the body. Indeed the very distinction between what and who, material and body, author and artwork are distended and collapsed in a fluid process of exchange and transfusion