In View : Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. 10th Dec - 29th Jan

I will be performing live as part of In View exhibition at the Golden Thread GalleryBelfast on Friday 10th of December. Developing previous enactments of Surface Attention this performance further seeks to twist the erotic spectacle, attempting to elicit responses somewhere between the voyeuristic and empathetic.

This is followed by In Conversation discussion panel on Sat 11th Dec. My video works You are A Very Naughty Boy! and Silver Screen Shimmy(2009)will also be screened as part of the exhibition.

In View
10th December 2010 – 29th January 2011
Opening 6pm – 8pm

In View is an exhibition that establishes a context from which to explore the tensions and dialogues concerned with the physical act of looking. The gaze holds multiple interpretations, such as the voyeuristic, scopophilic, erotic; and is as much dependant upon the viewer, as that which is being viewed. Each artist challenges us to consider our role as a viewer of the works on display, calling into question our gender, the gender of the artist, and our preconceived understanding of the subject, therefore highlighting the tensions that exist within the topic of the gaze.

In Vito Acconci’s video work Pryings (1971), his violent attempts to force open the eyes of his subject are difficult to watch, as is the challenging gaze of Laura O’Connor in her video work Dull, Limp, Lifeless (2010). Like O’Connor, Katherine Nolan encourages the viewer to watch her, and yet reprimands them for doing so. Her work, You Are a Very Naughty Boy! (2009), obscures our view of her at intervals, as if in punishment for gazing upon her scantily dressed body. The photographic works of Shaleen Temple take a slightly different approach, commenting on the level of control held by the gaze of the subject, the artist, and ourselves, the viewer. The exhibition also includes work from Phil Collins, Common Culture, Sara Greavu, Magaret Harrison, Noemi Lakmaier, ORLAN, and Aine Phillips.

Golden Thread Gallery, 84-94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast BT1 2LU
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10.30am - & Saturday 10.30am – 4.00pm
Tel. +44(0)28 9033 0920 E. W.