SPACE Bratislava: Surface Attention

I will be performing a new piece Surface Attention in SPACE this Tues 13th 17th July as part of MART's An Instructional.

Surface Attention is a series of bodily interventions in gallery spaces across Europe, taking place in SHUNT London, Stattbad Berlin, Space Bratislava and Molesworth Gallery Dublin.

Continuing an exploration of the self as erotic body, this work implicates the frame of gallery space in a perverse female desire. Through the intimate physical contact of the skin with the architecture of the space the work opens out a narcissistic impulse in performance, literally and symbolically pushing it to the surface. The body pressed across surfaces of crumbling brick, cold concrete, bright blue tiles, or ostensibly neutral white walls become invested objects as the body moves between erotic, absurd and vulnerable.

MART , Visual Art Group provide a platform for new media, performance and installation artists. An Instructional: A Touring Exhibition comprises work collated under the principles of 'readymade' practices.