I am Breathing - Dublin Live art Festival 25th Sept 2014

Live  - performance as part of Dublin Live Art Festival 2014, at the MART 

Through focus on, and manipulation of the act of breathing this piece seeks to call attention to the experience of being in the performing body. Through fluctuations in rhythm, depth and length, I try to find the space between breathing as voluntarily controlled and involuntary act.

Image Credit: Fiona Kileen

Drawing down the diaphragm, ribs expand outward and upward.
Air rushes in, past the lips.
a pause,
tightness in the voice box,
stuck in the throat.
Breath pushes up and brushes along the oesophagus. Feeling full, wide, tubular. Gushing out and around the nasal passages.
Chest slowly releases.
The final,

Central to this work is a struggle with questions such as: how can the gendered body show its experiences?; how can we move beyond prescribed identifications, and towards empathy with the flesh? how can we make strange the language of being in and representing the body?  

This piece continues my exploration of tensions between the experiential and the spectacular body - states of inhabiting the body, and being an image - as an on-going concern of my practice, which studies a shifting and twisting relationship to the self through the ever increasing prevalence of hyper-mediatisation.

This piece has existed as both a live performance and a piece to video.

Performances at The Quarry, Massachusetts, August 2013: Embedded and Reclaimed

Seeking to disrupt normative codifications of the body and its experiences,  and in particular the gendering of the body through relationships with objects and technology. How can the gendered body show its experiences? How can we move beyond prescribed identifications, and towards empathy with the flesh? How can we make strange the language of being in and representing the body? This work seeks to explore such questions, in a site responsive performance at the Quarry in Acton, Massachusetts.  Intervening in a masculinised site signifying, strength, progress and dominance over nature, through acts of wilfulness and resistance emphasising experiences a female body through material interactions.

With many thanks to Yin and Viktor at  Contemporary Arts International for their warm hospitality. 

Performance with Eleanor Lawler, Market Studios, Dublin 8th Nov 2013

Images: Matthew Nevin

Improvised performance with Eleanor Lawler exploring physicality, bodily presence and intersubjectivity, using strategies such as mirror, yield, response and resist. 

Performance with Eleanor Lawler, The MART, Dublin. 6th Sept 2013

Continuing on from investigations in Boston and New York, this performance in collaboration with Eleanor Lawler marked the inaugural performance event at MART's new home in the firestation in Rathmines, Dublin. Furthering our explorations on tensions between the experiential body and the spectacular body, this performance focused on the heightened presence of the physicality of body through interaction. An improvisational performance in which manifested the physical properties of body, space and sounds through strategies of response and resistance to stimulus.