New Performance in FLUX , New York, 14th July

I will be doing a new performance this Thursday 14th July in FLUX factory New York @ This work extends my previous exploration of how the gallery space frame the female body in performance, using live feed and play with the gallery walls to structure the gaze.

The work aims to explore the processes that produce the (erotic) female body as spectacle, flipping the focus from the performing body to include the camera, gallery space and spectator. Theatrically staged interchange between live feed and live performance, producing slippage between a 'live' tangible body moving in the same space as the spectators, an acting body that may act and be acted upon, and a body that exists only as image, an image that can be edited, cut up, fetished and exchanged in the economy of the visual.

Along with a video piece from performances in Berlin in July 2010, the work is part of MART's Invite or Reject supported by Imagine Ireland, an initiative by Culture Ireland.

Performances on Flux Thursday, July 14th 8pm +
Exhibition runs July 9th – 30th, Thurs – Sun, 12 – 6pm
FLUX factory, 39-31 29th Street, New York 11101

Artists: Benjamin Gaulon, Joan Healy, ColleenKeough, Margaret O’Brien,Matthew Nevin, Katherine Nolan,
Ciara Scanlan, Stephen Woods

MART’s ‘Invite or Reject’ is an ambitious new Irish Visual Arts Exhibition curated by MART’s Ciara Scanlanand Matthew Nevin. The show consists of 15 selected Irish artists to create new work spread over a three-city exhibition.

This the second leg of a 3 part exhibition opens in FLUX Fctory at 6pm on July 9th in FLUX Fctory. The first show opened in Chicago in June and will carry on to C4 Gallery Los Angeles in August. This exhibition shall showcase some of Ireland’s leading and emerging visual artists and highlight the strength of Artists in the international contemporary art scene. The work is challenging yet irresistibly welcoming for American audiences to interact and communicate with.

MART‘Invite or Reject’ refers to the duality of understanding and miscommunicationthat exists within Irish Emigration. It was common for the Irish to be rejected and treated as second-class citizens for the early part of 19th century. This Irish diaspora flocked to America for a better life away from famine, war and hardship, to help build a better America for today. In spite of over 37 million Irish Americans living today, the current political and social climate in America and Ireland, leaves it difficultto gain a working visa, leaving America more of a holiday destination for the Irish in stark contrast to its history.

MART is an Irish Visual Artist organisation. Our primary aim is to create a platform for New Media, Installation, Experimental Film, and Performance artists to showcase their work. MART was founded on an inclusive ethos, to inspire a curiosity for knowledge, to bring contemporary art to the forefront of culture by actively engaging people from all sectors of society in both its viewing and production.