Screening as part of PQ Quadrennial Prague

Documentation of one of my performances in Berlin in July 2010 screened as part of MART's ////a////form////in////space/// , featured as part of PQ - the 11th Prague Quadrennial of Performance, Design and Space.

Location: The National Theatre, Prague. Czech Republic.
Date: Friday 24th June
Time:10:00 pm
Format : Film Screening

Artists:Darragh O'Callaghan, Molly O'Dwyer, Ciaran Hussey, Colleen Keough, Nicky Larkin,Eleanor Lawler, Matthew Nevin, Katherine Nolan, Emanuel Rohss, Ciara Scanlan.

Through the films shown in ////a////form////in////space//// we wish to touch on the intimacy and spectacle of the use of performance, visuality and space in experimental film. Each selected Artist works extensively in recontextualising space and the environment in which we inhabit. The artists question our notions of comfort and apathy in the world and push us reevaluate our role in society and place. From the subjective and personal to the distant and objective each work challenges the viewer.