At the edge of the land, of practice, and of knowing

I recently took part in 3 day performance workshop At the edge of the land, of practice, and of knowing in West Penwith, Cornwall, UK. Lead by Zierle & Carter as part of the DIY 9initiative supported by the Live Art Development Agency The workshop was exhilarating and enriching, both in its intense physical engagement with the landscape, and the journey taken as a group.New work has and is continuing to emerge from this. Video work to come.....

Images: Jon Greenland 

Exploring the concept of 'edge' through experiential and reflective exercises, through the lens of the workshop the landscape moved between metaphor for psychological states and material for physical engagement. Workshop info This three full day (four nights) intensive workshop will explore, in a sensorial and experiential way, what it is like to be out at the very periphery of a ‘bleak and rugged land’ – where historically experimentation, innovation, pioneering, radicality and alternative methods/philosophies have emerged strongly and are embedded in an ancient, seemingly ‘untouched’ landscape. Working site and context specific, we will be mapping the psycho-geographical landscape through our bodies and actions, trying to find our inner edge through exploring the outer edges, stepping into the spaces in-between land and water. Through body centred and material-led exercises/experimentations at sites along the West Penwith coastline, the workshop’s activities respond to the complex context and multiple realities revealed by being at the edge. (Zierle and Carter)

Video Still Video Still

Participating artists: Alister Lownie & Katerina Radeva Ann Haycock Cool Diabang Helen Goodwin Ilker Cinarel Jo Dimbleby Jon Greenland Katherine Nolan Nicole White Saffy Setohy Sarah Kent Sheila Ghelani Veronique Maria