Impromptu: Performances Fri 24th Aug from 6pm

Impromptu: Live Performances developed through an all day workshop
Market StudiosFriday 24th August 2012, from 6pm.

A small group of artists with a variety of experience, approaches and positions in relation to live art and performance, will be presenting their explorations that have evolved from the days workshop. We hope that this will foster an interesting dynamic to both share and break out of the processes of own practices, and allow things to happen. The aim of the workshop is to build an environment of trust and experimentation, that can then lead into an...
evening of 'actions'.

Participating Artists: Donna McLoughlin, Eleanor Lawler, Katherine Nolan, Paula Fitz

The exchanges between the artists and their practices will structure the event, but there is one aim:

to create something live - to explore where we feel the edges and boundaries of our practices are, and to move beyond them:

live in the sense that anything could happen,
live as being present in the moment
live as an energy
live as a response
live as fluid
live as the unplanned moments that happen
live as a dialogue

Performances from 6.00
Market Studios

We look forward to seeing you there

Eleanor & Katherine
This event is free and kindly supported by Market Studios andMART