Impromptu: Live Performances developed through an all day workshop

Images from Impromptu: Live Performances developed through an all day workshop. The workshop was lead by myself and Eleanor Lawler and kindly supported by Market Studios and MART. The aim of the workshop was to being to explore the possibilities of 'liveness': a means to develop ones practice by in the first instance leaving it behind. Through group work and individual actions participants were encouraged to engage with and explore the theme and the boundaries of their own practices. We were delighted at the level of willingness of the participants to test their own ideas and levels of comfort. There was a real sense of engagement as a group, through which moments arose and fell away again, some lingering some drifting. It felt like a very valuable way to work. Many thanks to the participants. More workshops coming soon!

Donna McLoughlin

Eleanor Lawler

Seamus Bradley

Katherine Nolan

Paula Fitz