Collaboration with Lili Spain - Street Live Sept 26th 2014

Collaboration with Lili Spain as part of Street Live

As part of StreetLive International artists were coupled with local Dublin artists, and worked together in pairs to create unique live art responses to various localities within Dublin city which were showcased during Dublin Live Art Festival 2014

I had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Lili Spain, working in the Arbour Hill area of Dublin 7. The performance took the form of a ritual walk from Montpelier Gardens to a vigil in Ostman Place. The result was a very personal performance, with both of us with differing family links and relationships to the area.  

StreetLive collaborations aimed not only to create links between each pair of artists but also between the these artists and their chosen local community. Embedded through site and local knowledge, these performances aimed to offer people and groups from within these Dublin communities, an opportunity to experience live performance art in a new and more involved way.  

With Many thanks to Lili for the Collaboration and Aoife Giles for the sensitive documentation.


Image credit: Aoife Giles