Hold on, hold in let out, let go. 12 Henrietta 8th May 2015

I will be performing as part of Influences: Livestock off-site at no.12 Henrietta St. Built in 1730 by the wealthy political elite and later occupied as tenements, this Georgian Townhouse is resonant with the histories of its periods of grandeur and poverty.

Interior of no 12 Henrietta St

As well as the atmospheric and historic site, Artist’s have been asked to respond to the concept of Influence, as defined as ‘the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself’.

I will perform this new work concerning ‘holding in’ and ‘letting out’,  often thought of as bodily states that enact the repression and catharsis respectively. It explores how emotional states and body states might influence each other: how our bodies are shaped by our emotions, and conversely how our bodies might shape our emotions. This work forms part of my current exploration of the desire for catharsis and questions around authenticity. 

Process Images for Hold in, hold on, let out, let go

Image credit: Wes Brandli